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Premium Features

Daily Top Picks​

Receive up to 20 AI-driven daily top buy and short-sell picks, so you can maintain a trading portfolio that fits your goals.

Next Day Prediction

Get predictive analytics from a smart AI engine for the next trading day.


Sync your personal investment style, philosophy, and risk tolerance at your fingertips.


Get answers to any question you may have about trading and investing.

What We Offer

Fully Customized App For You!

As a retail investor you may feel lost at sea without proper risk management and guidance. Why flounder when you can have a quick and efficient tool to ensure your trip towards becoming an independent and confident investor; manufacture the best portfolio you can for only $9.99 a month.

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Ease Of Seacrh

Ease Of Search

Search thousands of US based stocks on various exchanges.


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Manage Your Portfolio

Manage Your Portfolio

Manage your portfolio with daily updates on buy, sell and hold positions.


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