Why Should You Choose Zivolve

Zivolve is changing what we know about trading and investing by harnessing the power of AI. This app acts as a concise decision assistant that is suited for any style of investing.


Our mission at Ziggurat Technologies is to help investors and traders stay well-informed on markets and stocks through our convenient mobile application, Zivolve, by giving each user the most advanced AI analytics at their fingertip.

Zivolve thrives to ensure that users can preserve their assets against financial market flooding with our user-friendly interface allowing users to invest and trade stocks at ease. Zivolve’s vision is to focus on maximizing profit and minimizing losses for users through a decision support and risk management focused mobile application. 

Zivolve encompasses generations of AI algorithms for quantitative evaluation of stocks and ETFs with high precision. The goal is to build a decision support platform in which automation, optimization and constant learning are the main foundations. This platform aims to facilitate the decision making processes and steps to analyze market data as well as other analytical methods. All this is done in order to provide deeper insights for smarter investing to its users for short-term and long-term gains.

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Confidence Index

Zivolve uses a grading system known as the ‘confidence score’. This grading system incorporates all the risks, potential reward, forward looking and predictive analytics. This grading system is designed and developed to help active investors to pick/find the best stocks for their investment portfolios in a shorter amount of time, with less effort leveraging artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies such as LSTM. This technology is a data driven, predictive pattern recognition technique that is looking for the successful repeating patterns in all four major categories of data, analytics, and risk mentioned above (FTSQ). This score is currently designed for beating the benchmark in the market (SPX) in a short term period, ideal for swing traders (30 trading days) and it can be found under “Confidence Index (CI)” in the Zivolve app. CI is rated between 1% to 100%.


This is the performance of LONG (buy low, sell high) model portfolios. Based on these statistics 88% of the time our model portfolios are profitable. The holding period for these model portfolios are 3 months since inception for each!

Model PortfolioDate Of BuildingTotal Gain %

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