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The Zivolve app is a holistic approach towards stock market analysis and picking stocks and ETFs for its users. It incorporates the power of models, probability and risk-to-reward ratio. This makes the app unique and one of a kind among other trading and analytical apps. Users have the ability to see a variety of measurements needed for risk management and make informed decisions. Zivolve is becoming the most accurate app for due diligence and decision making, making it a great asset for investing in various assets. We put the power of Artificial Intelligence and risk management measures all in the users hands. We also make it the most affordable investment decision support platform in the industry. One of our goals is to make the app more accessible for people and usability easier in order to level the playing field for investors.

Zivolve downloads the entire stock market data on a daily basis and puts out the analytics and rankings once a day around 10-11pm EST each day, ready for the next trading day. We are aiming to reduce this processing time to less than an hour leveraging cloud computing. 

Troubleshooting is done on a periodic basis, changing from a few days to a few weeks. Usually troubleshooting can be easily solved by becoming familiar with the app and/or finding the solution in the help section of the app.

At this point we only offer short term trading (swing trading), but in the future we plan to offer both short term and long term (more passive) trading for investors.

Under no circumstance do we advise or suggest any security or trading instrument to buy,sell,hold. In fact, we don’t own any of those that we are analyzing the data for. We are strictly a decision support platform with one main goal: to improve the quality of outcome for users’ investments and/or trading decisions; by empowering them with tools and technology that provide a competitive edge while making decisions, doing due diligence (DD), and managing risks. None of our provided insights is advice and is for informational purposes only. We are not a financial advisory firm. We are a platform to assist self-directed investors and traders. Financial advisors can also use our platform; we are just not a financial advisory firm.

Zivolve algorithms actually calculate the risk and expected reward based on various algorithms and ranks them based on high or low risk and other parameters too. The Zivolve App comes up with a proprietary measuring index which is called a confidence index, measured between 1% to 100%. Risks on the other hand are calculated based on the maximum risk each asset or symbol is incurring or carting on a daily basis and can impose on a trade or investment. Of course this risk number changes on a daily basis.

We are not responsible when people decide to buy, hold or sell, yet buying and selling is not only based on risk measurement. It is just a way to match people’s risk tolerance with what exists in terms of risk of the asset. Zivolve offers various ranges for risks and expected rewards that users can choose from or filter out. 

Another thing worth mentioning here is that although confidence index is a probability base measurement, risk-to-reward ratios are not. They are more deterministic than probabilistic or statistical.

You don’t directly have access to the algorithm itself. AI algorithms output a series of great opportunities for buying and short selling stocks and ETFs. Measured on a daily basis based on a holistic approach of statistical measurements, pattern recognition and quantitative models. We recommend checking the help section of the app for more information.

Zivolve stock picks are between 60% to 70% of the time correct! We aim to increase this accuracy to up to 80% in the next year. The highest accuracy or predictable lists can be found under the top picks module. Our research shows when they are used as a portfolio of investment they have highest performance instead of singled out investments. In other words, if one can build a trading or short term investment portfolio based on the list of top picks, or a batch of them, one might end up to a higher return than if they were to pick one or two. This proves the point that diversification works even in trading. The classic example of that is pair trading which our top picks act like that too.

The rule of thumb for active trading is that if you make 2 or 3 trades in the row that are losing money, you need to have a full stop and don’t trade. Regarding more short term investing, you need to always have stop loss in place when executing trades. Currently, Zivolve does not execute trades but provides a stop loss zone if you are buying a stock or security and the price doesn’t go in the direction you expected. It is important to put the stop loss in place and/or alerting system. 

You need to also make sure to have your “why” well answered in order to invest or trade. Our current app is designed for swing trading , therefore you need to come to a conclusion of sorts such as conviction or subtle reasoning to make decisions. Due diligence sometimes is even more important than executing in a rush or haste, or making decisions based on FOMO (i.e feeling of missing out). Never ever chase an opportunity! News and social media posts are mostly designed to come out at a certain time to serve a certain purpose to either excite or encourage the public to chase. Do not let those be your sole reference point in investing decision making. A rational investor always thinks of risks first. IF your operation, in this case trading, is a loss, cut it fast which means stop the operation and reflect!

We are currently offering the analytics for stocks, the majority of ETFs and indices listed on the exchanges in the US market including NYSE, Nasdaq, and AMEX. We currently do not offer OTC (i.e over the counter) penny or pink sheet stocks.

Zivolve is currently designed for self-directed investing and trading. There are more than 30 million individuals who are actively investing in the stock market in the USA only. These individuals prefer taking charge on their investments instead of giving their accounts to the FAs for various reasons. For example, sometimes institutional level companies would need a minimum requirement in order to manage money and portfolio for people that many do not qualify for. On the other hand, many people realize that their small investment accounts are not well managed by the people who are in charge of those accounts and all they pay is Management and other hidden fees so they decide to take initiatives.

Zivolve does not charge management fees as Ziggurat Technologies is not an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), or a financial/ investment management company. Therefore we do not have any management or any other fee except monthly subscriptions in exchange for providing the full affordable access to a wide range of insights and analytics..At the end of the day you are the one who is making the call by finding opportunities, doing due diligence, execution, risk management, and more. Zivolve is an enabler and empowers you to do all those things with ease and peace of mind from the comfort of a single app.


Yes we do. We have both a tutorial and manual under the “Help” function in the app, and we are also in the process of releasing some educational videos. We will enrich the materials over time to not only provide how to effectively use the app but also understand why each feature is built and designed and for what purpose. This is an ongoing process and Zivolve will continue to evolve in all aspects and angles including self-paced educational and training material.

Unlike other intelligent trading assistant platforms, Zivolve has unique AI trading assistant technology that allows users to create a real-time portfolio of future predictions that fits their performance goals while using a risk management engine. Zivolve users gain access to customizable high probability trade setups, market insights with up-to-date streaming analytics, and future predictions based on AI for a stock on the next trading day all at an affordable $9.99 a month price.

In a socially connected online world, stock market conversation and speculation is everywhere. Social media sentiments for stock market trading via mobile devices was studied in 2016. It was found that uninformed traders were likely to be swayed by social media sentiments. More so they are swayed by negative sentiments (bearish) “they responded to chase trends with respect to social signals” this can “be dangerous and can damage the quality of markets and diminish trader informedness”.

KIM, Kwansoo, et al. “Social Sentiment and Stock Trading via Mobile Phones.” Research Collection School Of Computing and Information Systems, Association for Information Systems, Aug. 2016


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